Jun 14, 2013

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Green Impact Universities and Colleges Special Awards 2012/13

S7vuyZJAruMG8vVHSa-hQebViHnE-thaemBnRI4rnaYThe Green Impact Universities and Colleges Special Awards recognise the individuals and teams which go above and beyond in their efforts to green their institution. This year, NUS vice president of union development Vicki Baars presented the Special Awards as part of the E&E roundtable event.

The award for Best Energy Saving Initiative went to the Gurdon Institute which installed smart-meters to monitor electrical usage in discrete areas including each laboratory.

This concept showed an excellent use of incentives including money, coffee and cakes to encourage behavioural change amongst University staff. It provided evidence of the impact of the project in terms of electricity reduction and engagement amongst staff – reducing consumption and saving money at the same time. The chemistry department at the University of Sheffield was highly commended in this category.

The Office Depot Award for Innovation was awarded to Queen Mary University London Students’ Union for their excellent work during Go Green Week – encouraging sustainable travel, hosting swap shops, and encouraging meaningful energy reduction engagement. Pollock Halls at the Univeristy of Edinburgh was highly commended for opening its own student-led apiary.

The Ecologist Environmental Hero Award was given to James Woodward of Manchester Metropolitan University for securing extra funding for an energy efficient data centre, promoting electronic cars and introducing an environmental ratings scheme for University computers. Sue Langford from Manchester City Council and Cath Davies of Manchester University were both highly commended.

The final award was the Greener Futures Student Blogging Award was Matt Fowle of the University of Chester, whose excellent blog on his vision of the institution in 2050 can be read here.

Congratulations to all of our nominees and winners – we wish you all an even more innovative and effective year of sustainability through Green Impact in 2013/14.


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