Jun 4, 2014

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Do you use Green Impact project assistants?


Green Impact brings staff and students together to green campuses, curriculums and communities, and there’s no better example of this than Green Impact project assistants.

The project assistant scheme is another volunteering opportunity beyond environmental auditing, helping students to get even more deeply involved in supporting the operations of Green Impact.

This year, UCLan have recruited and trained four Green Impact project assistants, and have found it to be hugely beneficial.

“Students should be given opportunities to gain valuable transferable and employability skills by working and volunteering on projects outside of their course requirements”, suggests Clair Challen, explaining why she introduced the scheme at her institution.

“Staff in teams who don’t always have much liaison with students have enjoyed working alongside the GIPAs and the project has helped break down perceived barriers between staff and students by working on a common goal”.

At UCLan, there are many great examples of what GIPAs can contribute to greening organisation

s. Photography student Simon Johnson has supported the journalism and media department, helping them to recruit five brand new teams to participate in Green Impact.

“Working with Simon has been a positive experience, not only for the two of us but for the whole of the school”, explains Debbie Dearnley of the media and journalism department. “Simon’s enthusiasm shone through and encouraged members of staff to join our new green teams”

“It would be great to see more of this positive experience with students and staff liaising collaboratively on projects such as Green Impact”, she said.

Whether project assistants are sharpening an institution’s sustainability communications, coordinating events, or recruiting new teams, there are a huge number of ways for students to develop their skill set alongside their studies. It’s also a great way to contribute to the sustainability credentials of education across the UK.

“I would definitely recommend that other institutions consider using GIPAs”, Clair concluded. “They can bring skills to the teams, especially creative skills and lots of enthusiasm.”

“At UCLan we have also linked volunteering hours for GIPA work to our students’ union volunteering award, so students can also get recognition at the same time as helping make the university a greener place to work and study”

Talk to us about what Green Impact project assistants could do for your organisation.

  1. Helen Close says:

    Kent Union would benefit from Green Impact Project Assistants for assisting in raising the profile on our campus regarding reusing and recycling. Looking at utility waste throughout the organisation and running Environmental campaigns within the Union.

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