Jun 4, 2014

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Summer chilli growing competition – June update

At the awards ceremony for Green Impact Students’ Unions this year, we launched our first ever national chilli plant growing contest to keep your teams engaged across the quieter months of the summer.

We gave away packs of seeds, and little planters of soil – for all participating students’ unions to get involved in the competition. At the end of summer, we’ll be awarding prizes in a range of categories.

We’re really excited to hear about how your new plants have been growing, and it’s been great to see some shots of your shoots coming in.

Immediately below are some great shots of the flourishing greenery at the Hull University Union. Below that is the excellent plant from Hertfordshire Students’ Union – preparing to move from its current home on the window ledge, to a much bigger pot.

HUU Chilli growing competition



Of course, we’ve been getting involved ourselves, with lovely examples like Grace’s below – from customer services, in our Macclesfield offices – springing up on the desks of NUS staff across the country.


Growing your own food at work isn’t just a fun way to stay involved in Green Impact over the summer – it offers a new point of entry to sustainability for people who might not think of themselves as green, and provides an easy conversation starter for sustainability at the office.

It’s not too late to get involved. Talk to us about getting involved in the chilli growing competition, and send us your photos.

  1. Alice Coyle says:

    I am the Sustainability Champion and we are growing chillis in the Enquiry Unit at Uni of Greenwich. Can we take part in the competition? We have grown our plants from seed. In the EU we have about 45 students who work with us on part-time contracts and we will all be nurturing our chilles through Clearing too.

  2. James Westwood says:

    Good Morning, I will be the Vice President for Newman University for the academic year of 2014/2015 and am wondering if I could get some more information about the Summer Chilli Growing Competition if it is not too late to do so. We would also like to take part, if not just for fun!

    Many Thanks

    James Westwood

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