Green Impact Students’ Unions Special Awards

special award

Leeds University Union being presented their Low Carbon Campus Special Award by The Cooperative.

The NUS Environmental Innovation Award gives students’ unions the opportunity to go beyond the actions in the Green Impact criteria and use their creativity to make a real impact in their union, organisation or community.

Your innovations can be as specific as you like. You can focus on one area of your students’ union or you can instigate something which influences beyond your walls.

Your ideas do not necessarily need to be no or low cost – the award will be based on the most practicable idea with the greatest savings or positive environmental impacts. This could be an innovative recycling scheme you have set up, an energy efficiency project that you are running with a local school, or new approach to communicating your sustainability message.

The initiative does not necessarily need to be big – a small but effective innovation within or beyond your students’ union is just as likely to win!

Award Available

This year there are three awards on offer in the following categories:

1)    Large Commercial

2)    Small Commercial

3)    Non Commercial

Award Entry

To read the guidance document click here. To register please click here.

Last Year’s Winners

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